Over 100 Washington state prep lacrosse players named to StudentSports.com watch lists

SEATTLE – StudentSports.com, a leading national scholastic sports online magazine, has recognized 110 high school lacrosse players from across Washington state in two of its regional watch lists for the upcoming school year.

Student_Sports_LogoReleased on Monday, the lists of leading NCAA prospects and players to watch from the state include junior and senior boys that are playing lacrosse for Washington and Oregon high schools.

For Washington state, a total of 65 boys from 12 high schools with Division I lacrosse programs and 45 boys from 24 high schools with Division II lacrosse programs earned spots on the list of juniors and seniors.

Washington Boys Division I state runner-up Mercer Island High School tops all state high schools represented on the list with 16 student-athletes, while state champion Bellevue High School has 15 making the initial cut of prep juniors and seniors from Washington and Oregon.

Rounding out the list of Boys Division I players are Eastside Catholic with 13, Bainbridge with seven and Issaquah with five. Auburn Riverside has two, while Inglemoor, Lake Washington, Newport, Skyline, Snohomish and Sumner High Schools all are represented by a single student-athlete.

In Division II, 2013 boys state champion Nathan Hale High School has five student-athletes represented while Ballard has four.  Rounding out the Division II programs, Camas, Everett, Gig Harbor and Kamiak each have three, while Meadowdale, Seattle Academy, Sehome, University Prep and West Valley all have two.  Bear Creek, Blanchet, Friday Harbor, Jackson, Mount Si, Richland, Seattle Prep, Shorecrest, Stadium, Southridge, Tahoma, Union and Spokane’s University High School each have a single representative.

To view the entire StudentSports.com list of Washington and Oregon seniors visit http://www.studentsports.com/lacrosse/2013/09/23/2014-watch-list-oregon-washington/

To view the entire StudentSports.com list of Washington and Oregon juniors visit http://www.studentsports.com/lacrosse/2013/09/23/2015-watch-list-oregon-washington/

About High School Lacrosse in Washington State

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US and in Washington state has experienced double-digit annual growth throughout the past decade. In its fourth decade of play, 4,000 student athletes attending over 200 schools across the state play high school lacrosse. Governed by the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association and the Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association, the sport is played during the spring season and capped by annual boys and girls state championships in late May. To learn more about lacrosse in Washington or to receive daily high school results visit www.WashingtonHSLAX.com or follow us at www.Facebook.com/uslacrossewashington  or Twitter @WashingtonHSLAX. To learn more about the history, traditions and values of lacrosse, college opportunities available to students and the 21 US states now sanctioning high school lacrosse visit USLacrosse.org.



2013-14 Washington State High School Lacrosse Watch Lists (Juniors and Seniors)

Boys Division I

Auburn Riverside High School (2)

Joey Lucchesi, Auburn Riverside, Senior, Midfield

Michael Lucchesi, Auburn Riverside, Senior, Attack


Bainbridge High School (7)

Reed Dolese, Bainbridge, Senior, Defense

Ben LaRoche, Bainbridge, Junior, Midfield

Eric Nimb, Bainbridge, Junior, Attack

Casey Pabst, Bainbridge, Junior,

Michael Rose, Bainbridge, Junior, Attack

Max Wickline, Bainbridge, Junior, Attack

Reynolds Yarborough, Bainbridge, Senior, Goal


Bellevue High School (15)

Campbell Alexieff, Bellevue, Junior, Attack

Hank Bethke, Bellevue, Senior, Attack

Chris Callison, Bellevue, Junior, Attack

Cole Cansler, Bellevue, Senior, Goal

Gavin Cipoletti, Bellevue, Junior, Midfield

Reid Douglas, Bellevue, Senior, Attack

Ryan Eastes, Bellevue, Senior, Midfield

Ryan Eskenazy, Bellevue, Senior, Defense

Eric Haehl, Bellevue, Senior, Midfield

Nick Hutson, Bellevue, Senior, Attack / Midfield

Foster Knowles, Bellevue, Junior, Defense

Bradley Medeiros, Bellevue, Senior, Goal

Chris Medzegian, Bellevue, Senior, LSM/D

Garrett Moffatt, Bellevue, Senior, Midfield

Jason Monahan, Bellevue, Senior, LSM


Eastside Catholic School (13)

John Breed, Eastside Catholic, Senior, Defense

Jeff Boreman, Eastside Catholic, Senior, Midfield

Arend Brokemate, Eastside Catholic, Junior, Defense

Cameron Cronk, Eastside Catholic, Junior, Goal

Henry Jarvis, Eastside Catholic, Senior, Midfield

Ross Komenda, Eastside Catholic, Senior, Attack

Michael Mendillo, Eastside Catholic, Junior, Midfield

Blake Lee, Eastside Catholic, Senior, Midfield

Colin MacIllvennie, Eastside Catholic, Senior, Midfield

Colin Schriever, Eastside Catholic, Senior, Goal

Zack Steffens, Eastside Catholic, Junior, Attack

Bradley Strode, Eastside, Catholic, Senior, Defense

Jarrett Toy Eastside Catholic, Senior, Attack


Inglemoor High School (1)

Jacob Cartwright, Inglemoor (Bothell-Inglemoor), Senior, Defense


Issaquah High School (5)

Mikey Giannopulos, Issaquah, Junior, Midfield/FO

McKinley Melton, Issaquah, Junior, Attack

Spencer Webb, Issaquah, Junior, Defense

Anthony O’Reilly, Issaquah, Junior, Midfield

Matt Thomas, Issaquah, Senior, Midfield


Lake Washington High School (1)

Spencer Mueller, Lake Washington, Junior, Defense


Mercer Island High School (16)

Brett Bottomley, Mercer Island, Junior, Midfield

Keirnan Coles, Mercer Island, Junior, Defense

Evan Condon, Mercer Island, Junior, Midfield

Devlin Conway, Mercer Island, Senior, Midfield

Jack Counihan, Mercer Island, Junior, Midfield

Reid Fuhr, Mercer Island, Senior, Attack

Carter Harrington, Mercer Island, Senior, Attack

Scotty Lee, Mercer Island, Junior, Goal

Peter Mahony, Mercer Island, Senior, Midfield

Patrick Neilson, Mercer Island, Junior, Defense

Charlie Reinertson, Mercer Island, Senior, Defense

Jake Rogers, Mercer Island, Junior, Defense

Benji Rothenberg, Mercer Island, Senior, Goal

Charlie Vetter, Mercer Island, Senior, Attack

Derek Wingard, Mercer Island, Senior, Defense

Chase York, Mercer Island, Senior, Defense


Newport High School (1)

Ian Weiss, Newport (Sammamish-Newport), Junior, Midfield


Skyline High School (2)

Spencer Noonan, Skyline, Senior, LSM/D

Brock Porter, Skyline, Junior, Defense


Snohomish High School (1)

Davyd Powell, Snohomish, Senior, LSM/D


Sumner High School (1)

Jaron Scarbourgh, Sumner (Auburn Riverside), Junior, Goal


Boys Division II

Ballard High School (4)

Jackson Bowen, Ballard, Senior, Attack

Grady Colley, Ballard, Senior, Defense

Denali Cornwell, Ballard, Senior, Defense

John DeGarmo, Ballard, Senior, Midfield


Bear Creek School (1)

AJ Rial, Bear Creek (Overlake), Junior, Defense


Blanchet High School (2)

Matteo Schiro, Blanchet, Senior, Attack

Adrian Tejeda, Blanchet, Senior, Defense


Camas High School (3)

Cassius Johnson, Camas, Senior, LSM

Bradley Stanchfield, Camas, Junior, Midfield

Bryce Tabbut, Camas, Senior, Midfield


Everett High School (3)

Jameson Baretta, Everett, Senior, Defense

Nathan Hanold, Everett, Junior, Attack

Sean Hess, Everett, Junior, Midfield


Friday Harbor High School (1)

Sean Hills, Friday Harbor, Senior, Attack


Gig Harbor High School (3)

Brian Prigmore, Gig Harbor, Junior, Midfield

Ashton Sidebottom, Gig Harbor, Junior, Goal

Mason Sidebottom, Gig Harbor, Junior, Midfield


Jackson High School (1)

Brad Strong, Jackson (Everett), Junior, Goal


Kamiak High School (3)

Miles Craggs, Kamiak, Junior, Midfield

Spencer Donnelson, Kamiak, Junior, Defense

Tristan Hunter, Kamiak, Junior, Midfield


Meadowdale High School (2)

Niko May, Meadowdale, Senior, Defense

Jordan Tindall, Meadowdale, Senior, Midfield


Mount Si High School (1)

Tyler Smith, Mount Si, Junior, Defense


Nathan Hale High School (5)

Andrew Bailey, Nathan Hale, Senior, Defense

Aiden Iodice, Nathan Hale, Senior, Defense

Liam Lawrence, Nathan Hale, Senior, Defense

Hunter Morris, Nathan Hale, Senior, Midfield

William Snider, Nathan Hale, Senior, Attack


Richland High School (1)

Charles Williams, Richland, Senior, Attack


Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences (2)

Jackson Lanning, Seattle Academy, Senior, Midfield

Parker Woo, Seattle Academy (Garfield), Junior, Midfield


Seattle Preparatory School (1)

Sam Kopf, Seattle Prep, Junior, Midfield


Sehome High School (2)

Chance Clymer, Sehome (Bellingham-Sehome), Senior, Midfield

Andrew Hoemann, Sehome (Bellingham-Sehome), Senior, Goal


Shorecrest High School (1)

Ethan Jensen, Shorecrest, Senior, Attack


Stadium High School (1)

Harry Dillman, Stadium, Senior, Attack


Southridge High School (1)

Mario Midili, Southridge, Junior, Attack


Tahoma High School (1)

Dakoda Barger, Tahoma, Junior, Midfield


Union High School (1)

Jack Lamey, Union, Junior, Defense

Payton Summers, Union, Junior, Goal


University High School (1)

Spencer Lambdin, University, Junior, Midfield


University Prep (2)

Riley Johnson, University Prep (Nathan Hale), Junior, Midfield

Andrew McCall, University Prep (Nathan Hale), Junior, Goal


West Valley High School (2)

Cameron Martin, West Valley (Selah), Senior, Defense





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