Washington state high school lacrosse results: Saturday, March 16, 2013

Boys Varsity Division I

Bellevue boys now 3-0 with lacrosse win at Emerald Ridge-Puyallup

sticksPUYALLUP – Will Penner scored four goals as Bellevue rolled to its third win of the boys high school lacrosse season with an 18-2 defeat of Emerald Ridge Puyallup, Saturday at Sparks Stadium in Puyallup.

After adding an assist, Penner finished the night with five points and four ground balls to lead the Wolverines.

Bellevue again established itself of the team-to-beat in boys high school lacrosse in the state jumping out to a 5-1 lead in the first quarter and then blanking Emerald Ridge-Puyallup in the second and third quarters to take a 15-1 lead into the final quarter.

In the fourth Emerald-Ridge Puyallup got on the board with a single score and Bellevue added another three to round out the scoring.

Hank Bethke and Joe Fennel had three goals each and Simon Jenkin grabbed a game-high 10 ground balls for Bellevue.

For Emerald Ridge-Puyallup, Gerrick Mundt and Trevor Buman handled the scoring while Devon Ehli had 12 saves.

Bellevue (3-0-0) next faces Issaquah (2-0-0), Tuesday, March 19 in an 8 p.m. matchup at Issaquah High School.  Emerald Ridge-Puyallup (0-2-0) next faces Bellarmine Prep (0-3-0)  Tuesday, March 19 in an 8 p.m. matchup at Mt. Tahoma High School in Tacoma 

Scoring 1 2 3 4    F
Bellevue 5 5 5 3      — 18
Emerald Ridge-Puyallup 1 0 0 1      —   2


Game Summary

Bellevue 18, Emerald Ridge-Puyallup 2 (Will Penner, B, 4 goals, 1 assist, 4 ground balls; Hank Bethke, B, 3 goals, 1 ground ball; Joe Finnell, B, 3 goals, 1 assist, 3 ground balls; Simon Jenkin, B, 10 ground balls; Ryan Eastes, B, 5 ground balls; Bradley Medeiros, B, 3 saves; Gerrick Mundt, ER-P, 1 goal; Trevor Buman, ER-P, 1 goal; Kyle Jasaitis, ER-P, 3 ground balls; Devon Ehli, ER-P, 12 saves)


Dyehouse hat trick leads King’s Way past Lakeside in boys lax

SEATTLE – Connor Dyehouse scored a hat trick to lead King’s Way to its second win of the boys high school lacrosse season with a 7-4 defeat of Lakeside, Saturday at the Lakeside School in Seattle.

King’s Way took a 3-1 lead in the first then settled battled Lakeside to a scoreless second before adding another three in the third to take a 6-2 lead into the final quarter.

In the fourth, the Lions added a pair and held King’s Way to a single goal to round-out the scoring.

Goaltender Conrad Littlefield had nine saves on 13 shots for King’s Way, while Peter Scott had eight saves on 15 shots for the Lions.

King’s Way (2-0-0) next faces Eastside Catholic (2-0-0), Friday, March 22 in a 7 p.m. matchup at the Eastside Catholic School in Sammamish.  Lakeside (0-2-0 next faces Auburn Riverside (1-1-0) on Tuesday, March 19 in an 8 p.m. start at Sumner High School.


Scoring 1 2 3 4    F
King’s Way 3 0 3 1      —   7
Lakeside 1 0 1 2      —   4


Game Summary

Lakeside 7, King’s Way 4 (Connor Dyehouse, KW, 3 goals; Evan Ramirez, KW, 2 goals, 2 assists; Clayton Frank, KW, 7 ground balls; Conrad Littlefield, KW, 9 saves; Gabriel Pascualy, LS, 2 goals; Jake Ephron, LS, 1 assist, 5 ground balls;Peter Scott, LS, 8 saves;)


Sammamish-Newport downs Coeur d’Alene in boys lacrosse

BELLEVUE – Sean Sternberg scored two goals as Sammamish-Newport got its second win of the season with an 8-2 boys high school lacrosse defeat of visiting Coeur d’Alene, Saturday at Newport High School.

Sammamish-Newport built a 5-2 lead at the half then cruised through the finish with three unanswered second half goals.

Yannick White had three assists and eight ground balls while Sternberg and Ian Weiss each had five ground balls on defense for Sammamish-Newport.  Morgan White and Connor Simonson combined in goal for 10 saves.

Sammamish-Newport (2-2-0) next faces next faces Eastlake High School (2-0-0) on Tuesday, March 19 in an 8 p.m. start at Eastlake High School in Sammamish.


Scoring 1 2 3 4    F
Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) 1 1 0 0      —   2
Sammamish-Newport 3 2 1 2      —   8


Game Summary

Sammamish-Newport 8, Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) 2 (Sean Sternberg, S-N, 2 goals, 5 ground balls; John Montine, S-N, 1 goal, 2 ground balls; Ricky Adams, S-N, 1 goal, 3 ground balls; Ryley Martin, S-N, 1 goal, 4 ground balls; Ian Weiss, S-N, 1 goal, 5 ground balls; Michael Aliboso, S-N, 1 goal, 3 ground balls; Stuart Sutherland, S-N, 1 goal, 3 ground balls; Yannick White, S-N, 3 assists, 8 ground balls; Morgan White, S-N, 4 saves; Connor Simonson, S-N, 6 saves)


Boys Varsity Division II


Aberman’s hat trick leads Redmond boys to lacrosse win over North Kitsap

REDMOND – Keaton Aberman scored four goals as Redmond got its first win of the boys high school lacrosse season in a 9-7 defeat of North Kitsap, Saturday at Redmond High School.

Aberman led Redmond scoring to finish the day with three goals and eight ground balls.

The Stangs opened the game with a 4-0 first-quarter lead before giving up three in the second for a 6-3 advantage at the half.  In the third, Redmond added another three, but North Kitsap made a fun in the final quarter.

In the fourth, NK hit three goals to bring the game within two, but could not catch Redmond after a strong start.

Liam Watkins and Jeffrey Hepner had a pair of goals for Redmond, while Kellson Arthurs netted four goals and eight ground balls to lead North Kitsap.

North Kitsap (0-2-0) next faces South Kitsap (1-1-0) on Tuesday, March 19 in a 5:30 p.m. start at Strawberry Fields in Poulsbo.  Redmond (1-1-0) next faces next faces Everett’s JV squad on Tuesday, March 19 in a 7 p.m. start at Redmond High School.


Scoring 1 2 3 4    F
North Kitsap 0 3 1 3      —   7
Redmond 4 2 3 0      —   9


Game Summary

Redmond 9, North Kitsap 7 (Keaton Aberman, R, 4 goals, 8 ground balls; Liam Watkins, R, 2 goals, 1 assist; Jeffrey Hepner, R, 2 goals, 5 ground balls; Spencer Mills, R, 1 goal, 1 assist; Hunter Grein, R, 13 saves; Kellson Arthurs, NK, 4 goals, 8 ground balls; Matt Dotterweich, NK, 1 goal; Sawyer Chapman, NK, 1 goal; Dylan Taylor, NK, 1 goal; Landon Young, NK, 7 saves)


Moffat nets four as Lynden drops South Kitsap 14-1 to open lax season

PORT ORCHARD – Jarred Moffat scored four goals as Lynden cruised to its first win of the boys high school lacrosse season with a 14-defeat of South Kitsap, Saturday at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Port Orchard.

Behind Moffat’s offensive production and two goals each by Devin Conner, Blake Browning and Julien Kryt, Lynden racked-up five first quarter and four second-quarter goals for a 9-0 lead at the half.  In the third Lynden again blanked South Kitsap with two more scores.

In the fourth, South finally got on the board with a score by Nick Walker to avoid the shut-out.

Lynden (1-0-0) next faces Stanwood (1-1-0) on Tuesday, March 19 in a 5 p.m. start at Stanwood Middle School.  South Kitsap (1-1-0) next faces North Kitsap (0-2-0), Tuesday, March 19 in a 5:30 p.m. start at Strawberry Fields in Poulsbo.


Scoring 1 2 3 4    F
Lynden 5 4 2 3      — 14
South Kitsap 0 0 0 1      —   1


Game Summary

Lynden 14, South Kitsap 1 (Jarred Moffat, L, 4 goals; Devin Conner, L, 2 goals, 2 assists; Blake Browning, L, 2 goals, 1 assist; Julien Kryt, L, 2 goals, 1 assist; Nick Roth, L, 1 goal, 1 assist; Bryce Garcia, L, 1 goal; Trevor Lange, L, 1 goal; Brandon Reis El-Bara, L, 1 goal; Marcus DeBoer, L, 1 assist; Mitchell Keown, L, 4 saves; Jake Kildall, L, 1 save; Nick Walker, SK, 1 goal; Elijah Welsh, SK, 4 ground balls; Madeline Haugan, SK, 8 saves)


Mount Si gets come-from-behind lacrosse win over Liberty

RENTON – Blake Picchena scored two goals as Mount Si won its second straight with a boys high school lacrosse victory over Liberty, Saturday at Liberty High School in Renton.

Behind Picchena’s scoring and goals by five others, Mount Si overcame a 3-2 Liberty lead at the half with a 2-1 third and a 3-0 fourth to pull ahead for the win.

Cameron Pike had 10 saves in goal for Mount Si.  Nate Jarvis had a pair of goals and Roland Deex had a single save for Liberty.

Mount Si (2-1-) next faces next faces Redmond (1-1-0)  on Friday, March 22 in an 8 p.m. start at Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie.  Liberty (1-2-0) next faces Ballard (0-3-0) on Thursday, March 21 in a 7 p.m. start at Lower Woodland Park playfield in Seattle.


Scoring 1 2 3 4    F
Mount Si 2 0 2 3      —   7
Liberty 1 2 1 0      —   4


Game Summary

Mount Si 7, Liberty 4 (Blake Picchena, MS, 2 goals; 3 ground balls; Blake Moorhead, MS, 1 goal, 1 assist; Zane Berhold, MS, 1 goal, 1 assist;  Jake Smith, MS, 1 goal, 1 assist; Royce Schwartzenberger, MS, 1 goal; Ober Seamus, MS, 1 goal; Cameron Pike, MS, 10 saves; Nate Jarvis, L, 2 goals; Colin Larson, L, 1 goal; Colin Ross, L, 1 goal; Casey Smith, L, 8 ground balls; Roland Deex, L, 1 saves)


Blanchet down Ballard for second boys lacrosse win

SEATTLE – Matteo Schiro scored five goals to lead Blanchet to its second win of the season with a boys high school lacrosse defeat of Ballard, Saturday at Blanchet High School in Seattle.

Schiro had an assist and five ground balls to round out his performance for the day.  In goal Paulo Sofer De Meneges had 23 saves for the Braves.  Ballard’s Thomas Christensen had three goals to lead the Beavers.

Ballard (0-3-0) next faces next faces Stadium (2-0-0), Tuesday, March 19 in a 6 p.m. start at Mason Middle School.  Blanchet next faces Nathan Hale on Wednesday, March 20 in a 5 p.m. start at Blanchet High School.

Scoring 1 2 3 4    F
Ballard      —   5
Blanchet      — 14


Game Summary

Blanchet 14, Ballard 5 (Matteo Schiro, BL, 5 goals, 1 assist, 5 ground balls; Jack Gardner, BL, 4 goals, 2 ground balls; Taylor Bisett, BL, 2 goals, 1 assist; Paulo Sofer de Meneges, BL, 23 saves; Thomas Christensen, BA, 3 goals; Jake Losi, BA, 1 goal, 3 ground balls; Josh Schwartzenberger, BA, 1 goal, 1 ground ball; Jacob Marks, BA, 1 assist, 4 ground balls; Alex James, BA, 9 saves)


Union bags Selah for inaugural boys lacrosse win

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Union High School recorded its first varsity boys lacrosse win on Saturday with an 11-2 defeat of Selah at Pacific Middle School in Vancouver.

Behind hat tricks by Gunnar Drell and Ben Morasch, Union established itself early on, blanking Selah in both the first and second quarter to take a health 9-0 lead into halftime.  In the second half, Selah finally got its legs as it matched solo Union goals in the third and fourth, but was unable to overcome to strong start.

Union’s defense was led by Chase Fenn with 16 ground balls while Payton Summers had four saves in goal.

For Selah, John Church handled both goals while goaltenders Jesse Ellis and John Church combined for 13 saves.

Selah (0-2-0) next faces Wenatchee (1-1-0), Tuesday, March 26 in a 5 p.m. start at Wenatchee Valley College. Union (1-0-0) next faces Camas (1-0-0) on Wednesday, March 20 in a 7:30 p.m. start at Doc Harris Stadium in Camas.


Scoring 1 2 3 4    F
Selah 0 0 1 1      —   2
Union 4 5 1 1      — 11

 Game Summary

Union 11, Selah 2 (Gunnar Drell, U,  3 goals, 3 assists; Ben Morasch, U, 3 goals 2 assist; Chase Fenn, U,16 ground balls;  Payton Summers , U, 4 saves; John Church, S, 2 goals; Bridger Hoffman, S, 1 assist;  Carson Thompson, S, 5 ground balls; Jesse Ellis, S, 7 saves; John Church, S, 6 saves)


Girls Varsity

Moffat’s five goals lift Kennedy girls to third straight lacrosse win

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Monica Moffat scored five goals as the Kennedy girls powered past Evergreen 16-8 for its third straight high school lacrosse victory, Saturday at McKenzie Stadium in Vancouver.

Kennedy entered halftime with a comfortable 10-3 lead behind  Angela Ponselle’s four goals of her own.

And although Evergreen kept it much closer in the second half, they could not overcome the 7-goal deficit. Midfielder Eileen Burns also added three goals on the day for Kennedy.

Evergreen was led offensively by Madeline McKinnon’s four scores and Lisa Peterson’s two.

Kennedy (3-0-0) next faces Curtis (1-0-0) in a 7 p.m. matchup, Thursday, March 21 at Curtis Senior High School. Evergreen (0-1-0) next faces Bellarmine Prep (0-2-0) in a 6 p.m. matchup, Thursday, March 21 at First Creek Middle School.


Scoring 1 2    F
Kennedy 10 6      — 16
Evergreen 3 5      —   8


Game Summary

Kennedy 16, Evergreen 8 (Monica Moffat, K, 5 goals; Angela Ponselle, K, 4 goals; Eileen Burns, K, 3 goals; Madeline McKinnon, E, 4 goals; Lisa Peterson, E, 2 goals)


Wenatchee girls cruise past Spanaway Lake for first lacrosse win

SPANAWAY – Greta Schock scored five goals as the Wenatchee girls lacrosse team earned its first win of the season in a 17-1 victory over Spanaway Lake, Saturday at Art Crate Field in Spanaway.

The game was one of two wins on Saturday as Wenatchee dropped Graham-Kapowsin 13-9 in the second game.

Schock also recorded three ground balls on defense for Wenatchee. Taylor Butcherite scored four goals and recorded three assists in the first contest of the season for both teams.

Wenatchee held a 6-1 lead entering halftime, but would go on to post 11 goals in the second half while Spanaway Lake was held scoreless.

Spanaway Lake midfielder Kayla Blakeney scored the team’s lone goal in Saturday’s matchup. On defense, Briana Chargulas recorded a game-high eight saves.


Scoring 1 2    F
Wenatchee 6 11    — 17
Spanaway Lake 1   0    —   1


Game Summary

Wenatchee 17, Spanaway Lake 1  (Gretta Schock, W, 5 goals, 3 ground balls; Taylor Butcherite, W, 4 goals, 3 assists, 8 ground balls; Caitlin Thomas, W, 0 saves; Kayla Blakeney, SL, 1 goal; Brianna Chargulas, SL, 8 saves)


Wenatchee girls take down Graham-Kapowsin for second lax win on Saturday

SPANAWAY – Taylor Butcherile scored three goals and the Wenatchee girls lacrosse team edged out Graham-Kapowsin 13-9 for its second win of the season, Saturday at Art Crate Field.

The game was one of two wins on Saturday as Wenatchee dropped Spanaway Lake 17-1 in an earlier game.

Tawnee Tidd also scored three goals and recorded four ground balls on defense for Wenatchee. Butcherite added three ground balls and Greta Schock had five.

Graham-Kapowsin was led offensively by Denis Julio with five goals on the afternoon. She also recorded eight ground balls. Emily Winn scored three times for Graham-Kapowsin and goalkeeper Bethany Green recorded 10 saves on defense.

Wenatchee goalkeeper Caitlin Thomas also recorded 10 saves in the team’s win. She held Graham-Kapowsin to five goals in the first half and just four in the second.

Wenatchee (1-1-0) next faces Tahoma (1-0-0) in a 2 p.m. matchup, Saturday, March 23 at Tahoma High School. Graham-Kapowsin (0-2-0) next faces Gig Harbor (0-0-0) in a 5:30 p.m. matchup, Tuesday, March 19 at Sehmel Homestead Park.


Scoring 1 2    F
Wenatchee 8 5    — 13
Graham-Kapowsin 5  4    —   9


Game Summary

Wenatchee 13, Graham-Kapowsin 9 (Taylor Butcherite, W, 3 goals, 1 assists, 3 ground balls; Gretta Schock, W, 1 assist, 5 ground balls; Tawnee Tidd, W, 3 goals, 4 ground balls; McKenna Smith, W, 1 goal, 3 ground balls; Carly Helton, W, 1 goal, 4 ground balls; Caitlin Thomas, W, 10 saves; Denis Julio, GK, 5 goals, 8 ground balls; Emily Winn, GK, 3 goals, 5 ground balls; Jessica Audas, GK, 5 ground balls; Bethany Green, GK, 10 saves)


Games for Monday, March 18

Boys Varsity Division II

Overlake at Garfield (Upper Genesee Park – Seattle / 5 p.m.)

Roosevelt at meadowdale (Mountlake Terrace HS – Mountlake Terrace / 7 p.m.)


Girls Varsity

Curtis at Garfield (Genesee Playfield – Seattle / 3:30 p.m.)

Lakeside at Overlake (Overlake School – Redmond / 4 p.m.)

Roosevelt at Forest Ridge (Robinswood Park – Bellevue / 4 p.m.)

Nathan Hale at Spanaway Lake (Art Crate Field – Spanaway / 6 p.m.)

Holy Names at Issaquah (Robinswood Park – Bellevue / 7:15 p.m.)

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