Washington state lacrosse leaders gather to share goals, map future

Lacrosse leaders and other stakeholders seated from left to right: Peter White, Head Coach, North County Lacrosse; Brooke Hartley, Event Coordinator, US Lacrosse – Washington; Rob Hawley, President, Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association; Ron Wright, Board Member, Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association; Bobby Laudig, Education Coordinator, US Lacrosse – Washington; Keith McFie, Board Member, Washington Lacrosse Officials Assoc.; Tony Olney, Board of Directors Men’s Game Representative, US Lacrosse; Peter Blue, President, Seattle Metropolitan Youth Lacrosse Assoc.; Steve Lytle, President, Greater Eastside Lacrosse League; Mike McQuaid, Sports Information Director, US Lacrosse – Washington; Jason Hennig, President, Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Assoc.; Jeff Grose, President, Washington Lacrosse Umpires Assoc.; Bruce Reid, Vice President, US Lacrosse Washington; Dave Low, President, US Lacrosse – Washington.

SEATTLE — Leaders from the Washington state lacrosse community gathered in mid August to discuss common goals and mutual areas of interest as the sport continues an unprecedented growth trend  within the state and nationally.

Under the leadership of the Washington State Chapter of US Lacrosse, the group gathered for dinner to discuss their successes in the past year and talk about a number of mutual topics of interest including planning to accommodate increased demand for lacrosse at the youth and high school levels throughout the state, new high school teams in Seattle, SW Washington and Eastern Washington, working effectively with officiating groups, interest from communities in hosting boys and girls high school state championships and working effectively with local schools and school districts.

“As our sport continues to increase in popularity,  it’s  important that we find time to thoughtfully talk about and plan how we can work together to create great experiences for lacrosse players, coaches, officials, educators and families throughout the state,” said Dave Low, President of the US Lacrosse – Washington State Chapter.

The groups represented among the coalition of state leaders included the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association, Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association, Washington Lacrosse Officials Association, Washington Lacrosse Umpires Association, Seattle Metropolitan Youth Lacrosse Association, Greater Eastside Lacrosse League, US Lacrosse – Washington State Chapter and US Lacrosse Board of Directors.

About Lacrosse in Washington State

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US and in Washington state has experienced double-digit annual growth throughout the past decade. With a 34-year local history, lacrosse is played at the high school, youth, club and club collegiate level in Washington state.  At the high school level 157 individual boys and girls high school teams are available to students attending nearly 200 WIAA schools across eastern and western Washington.   To learn more about lacrosse in Washington or to receive daily high school results visit www.WashingtonHSLAX.com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @WashingtonHSLAX. To learn more about the history, traditions and values of lacrosse, college opportunities available to students and the 21 US states now sanctioning high school lacrosse visit USLacrosse.org.

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– Mike McQuaid, Sports Information Director, US Lacrosse – Washington State Chapter

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